You Can't Stop Me!

Woman, Screaming, Yelling, You can't stop me, confident, bold, beautiful, she, eyes closed

Isn't it crazy?....The moment you decide that you're going to move forward with purpose, it seems like suddenly everything gets in the way. You must understand that..

"You were created with purpose for a purpose as a daughter of the King,

but not without opposition..."

See, there's an enemy that wants nothing more than to slow down and stop you from getting what God has promised you. He will use anything and anyone he can to try to distract or trip you up. It will feel like a gut punch, knocking the wind out of you and tempting you to give up. But the good news is.....

"You determine whether he succeeds or not..."

You have the power to overcome him, when you partner with God! The resistance comes for me even now as I write this post. Things being placed in front of me to try to redirect my focus....but I'm intentional. When you are intentional and focused on taking the steps you were given, no matter how long it takes you will finish and finish strong....Just don't give up!

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