Do You Want To Recover?

Yesterday as my family and I celebrated Easter, it reminded me that no "fall" in life has to be permanent. Life's missteps are inevitable and can affect our finances, relationships, even our physical, spiritual and emotional health. No matter how bad we think it is, if we truly desire to, we can get up and recover with God's help.

So what's the difference between those who recover and those who don't?..... They WANT to recover. I use to think that this applied to everyone, but there are those who are so used to the place they've fallen into, they've lost the desire to take the necessary steps.

If we really want to, the Father will always be there to help us step at a time.


Comfort Zone: Is comfort stopping your recovery? This week take 10 minutes as you go through your day to think about where you may have fallen. Don't let too much time go by...Let the Father show you what steps to take, and be determined to recover. #ForwardMovement 😄💜

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