Get There

Excuse after excuse and reason after reason why we can't....

"Is it just me or did this "load" I'm carrying get heavier?"😳...."I'm exhausted"...."What's the point, nothing is going to change anyway!"😭. 

It's hard sometimes to take the steps we know we're being led to, because of the physical, mental and emotional weights we're carrying that discourage us.

Instead of focusing on the WHAT we're being led to do, we must focus on WHO is asking us to do it. Then we can find the COURAGE to take each step, knowing our Heavenly Father Loves us unconditionally and created us with PURPOSE. So don't stop now...KEEP GOING!!😄💜🙏🏽

Jeremiah 29:11


Be Reminded: This week take 30 'Me Time' minutes to sit, listen and reflect. Write down your top 3 reasons why it's important for you to take the steps you've been led to take. When the road gets "bumpy" during your day (as it likely will) pull out your list to be reminded of your WHY, and motivate you to KEEP GOING!


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