I Want It Now

I wanted it more than anything. I thought about it all the time, even imagined what it would be like when I finally had it. But everything fell apart.....my dream was crushed and so was my faith.

"In the moment I couldn't understand why..."

Have you ever wanted something so bad you couldn't imagine not having it? It's that crossroad between what we want and what God knows we need. We go on and on about what we want and why we need it now, but the reality is,

"God will only give you what you're ready for."

If He says "not now" it's wise for us to trust Him and not force it.

Just like children, we can't always see what's best for us, but our Father always does. His timing is perfect! #TrustHim


Waiting Game: There are some amazing things promised to us, but patience is a prerequisite for it all. This week exercise that patience muscle throughout your day. Whether interacting with family/friends, driving in traffic, or waiting in a line at the store, intentionally redirecting your thoughts to something else while waiting makes it easier....and strengths that muscle 💪 😄🙌🏼💜 #Patience #WaitForIt

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