New Year No No's

"New Year No No's"

(For everyone who needs to hear it 💜🎶)

No way! I'm not taking that....or that, or that! I only have so much room on my back. I can't go into this New Year carrying that.

I know I've said this before and gone back on my word, and the time, tears, and peace of mind's absurd!

So I'm moving forward with a guarantee, but have to be aggressive and deal with the cause of it all...and that's Me!

No more excuses or passing the blame, when I accept that it's I who is choosing, only then am I positioned to gain.

See, once I acknowledge my "Truth" then I am set free, and now with intent, I release habits, thoughts, and "weights" hindering me.

Yes! This New Year WILL be different, because I choose to release, and leave the 2020 "No No's" where they belong...behind me.


Closet Cleanout: The "Closet"... It's amazing what you find hiding back there when you finally take the time to look. This week take inventory of what you're bringing with you into this New Year. Things, attitudes, habits, mindsets, and people that did not bring "life" in 2020 may not bring it 2021 either. Be honest with yourself about what adds and what just takes away, and be willing to make the changes you're led to for a 2021 of forward movement! 😄

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