Remember Who You Are

We all can be forgetful. Remembering the truth of who we are is vital to making decisions that align with that truth. #Remember


You Are....

Loved by your Father,

Cherished and adored

A reflection of His grace,

As He opens door after door

You Are....

More than what they call you,

They don't see your light

Just below the surface,

It's waiting to ignite

You Are...

Powerful at your core,

Strength in mind, heart and spirit

Even in the softness of your voice,

The world around you hears it

You Are....

Designed in His reflection,

The beauty of His Love

Be bold and step with patience

Revealing greatness with each one



I See You: You would never go through the day without stopping at least once to see what you look like in the mirror, but we do this all the time with our internal reflection. This week take 5 min each day to stop and remind yourself of who you are....your internal reflection and move with confidence through your day. #YouWereMadeForThisMoment


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