Stand on Your Standard

What determines your value or how you see yourself?

I've found that my standard/boundaries of how I would be treated are affected by how I valued myself. If I allowed someone to devalue me with their words or the way they spoke to and treated me, I didn't care for myself the same. It deflated my self-esteem, and the motivation to pour into "self".

This led to moments of looking in the mirror no longer recognizing the person staring back at me, and me asking

"How did I get here?...where did SHE go?"

This dims the light placed in you and weakens your ability to positively impact the world around you. So how do you get YOU back?....

How do you find that person you once were?.....

SET and MAINTAIN your boundaries! 💪🏽

Any interaction that causes you to think or feel like less than a child of the King needs to be adjusted at the Father's direction. Show with your actions that YOU value "you", and stand on your standard. #YouAreValuable #YouAreWorthIt


Where do you stand?: You can't change what you don't see. This week take 30 min to think about what interactions in your life leave you feeling drained or devalued. Then ask God to show you what steps you need to address and adjust the standard to change it.🙏🏼 Have the courage to take the steps to change your reality. 😄💜 #YouCanDoIt 🙌🏼

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