Thriving or Surviving?

The struggle is real...but is the struggle necessary? Is this how it HAS to be, or is this what I'm choosing (intentionally or not)

I've had and still have those moments when I feel sick to my stomach as I realize it was actually MY choices that made the struggle "real". It's the difference between things falling effortlessly into place as my Heavenly Father planned it and THRIVING.....or everything slipping from my grasp and me fighting to SURVIVE.

I hate going in circles so I seek to understand my "falls"...all of them. Lesson learned...if I walk things out the way He leads me to, I avoid trying to figure it out and stumbling on my path. It's not always easy, but absolutely worth it. #Thrive 😄💜🎶🙏🏼


Thriving or Surviving?: Which one do you relate to? Awareness of where we are means we are empowered to change things! 🙌🏼💪🏽Review the signs of each below for a clue and then take some time this week to let God confirm and guide your steps.

Thriving: living and thinking abundantly, joyful, hopeful

Surviving: barely getting by, daily struggle just to stay afloat, constant state of discouragement

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