What Have You Been Promised?

I knew it belonged to me, but that didn't stop someone else from trying to claim it too. I was faced with 2 choices....

1. Believe their lie and passively allow what was mine to be taken

2. Boldly stand on the truth and take hold of what was mine

I chose to stand and realized that my blessings and promises from the Heavenly Father were mine only if I was willing to claim them.

Whether it's forward movement on a job, a house, or a healthy body and healthy family, you have to make up your mind that you will not listen to the lies or give in to the fear that wants to paralyze you. Confidently take the bold steps you're led, and take hold of what's yours!💪🏽😄💜


Fight or Flight: Nothing worth having comes easy. This week:

1. Take 10 minutes to list out the top 5 blessings that you know have been on repeat in your head.

2. For each list the lie you're believing about that blessing, like "You don't deserve it".

3. Spend time with the Heavenly Father to ask for confirmation of the truth and the courage to step into it🙏🏼💜 #StepBoldly

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