Word Wise

"Stick to the script...."

I've been on the receiving end of some unpleasant words, that left me feeling like I'd just been in a physical fight.🤛🏼 I've also had words of life spoken to me that propelled me forward. "Words will never hurt me...." Well that's not true, because they already are. The negative things said to me in my past, for a long time drove how I saw myself and how I interacted with others. From this I learned to think before speaking....to myself or anyone else: 1. Am I in an emotional place (hurt, fear, doubt...), if so take time to re-balance first. 2. Am I repeating what God said, or what I think?  3. What is my motive for saying it? Out of love or something self focused? Words do have power and can build up or tear down. Even when it doesn't look like it, the words He gives us to speak will bring "life", growth and forward movement.


What Do You Hear?: Do you really listen to what you say when you're going through your day? Our tendency to go into autopilot can cause us to miss how what we're saying or how we're saying it made someone feel. This week intentionally tune in to what you're saying. What would you think of someone who spoke to you the way you are speaking to others? If it could use some tweeking, then change it. Use your word power! #WordWise

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